Vallier meets: Coeur de pirate

Vallier meets: Coeur de pirate

The year 2020 has made us see it in all its colours. This year, our gathering place is outside. As the cold weather settles in, we dress the artists of our new collection and set the table for an exchange with the most beautiful architectural places of the city as a backdrop. Vallier offers you a space for discovery and discussion.

This week, Vallier meets Coeur de Pirate. The singer and songwriter, who is known for her well-argued positions and offbeat humor, looks back on the events that shook her year and talks about her recent major projects.

The current crisis is certainly a hard blow for the culture and entertainment industry. What can we do, personally, to support our favourite artists?

I think a good way to encourage artists is to buy physical records, via and merchandise. It's great and it helps us to keep creating.

This summer, you made an offer to buy Dare To Care, the label that launched your career. You said you wanted to be the artistic director, what is your vision for the future of the company?

I really want to continue to sign new artists and give the next generation a chance while bringing change to our Quebec music scene. I think that DTC (Dare To Care) is a symbol of change and avant-gardism. I want to make sure that I continue to convey the same values.

You spoke out on the accusations of sexual misconduct and the wave of denunciation. You said that it is actions that bring about change - in fact, it was to be part of the change that you wanted to redeem Dare To Care. Collectively, what actions can we take to enable us to change?

I believe that it's at the top of the "chain of command" that things need to change. It's about employing people from different backgrounds and listening to the people who decide to speak up. It's a bit of a "punk" approach, but that's the environment I grew up in, so that's the way I see it.

Let's talk about your song "T'es belle". You talk about the pressure on women's shoulders, especially in the art world. What was your intention with this song?

I think the message I wanted to send was direct, but necessary. Sexism is relatively widespread. Even as a woman, I have often integrated sexist notions about myself. My intention with the song is to dismantle what society has long imposed on us.

You made the music video for the song yourself. How did the filming go? Do you want to reproduce the experience for future songs or those of other artists?

It was amazing! I got a high after shooting because it was the first time my vision was really respected. I would really like to do it again.

You expose your everyday life on Instagram. Among other things, we were able to follow the arrival of a new dog in your family and your move. What is your relationship with social networks? Did they help you stay in touch with your audience during the pandemic?

I think I've always had a certain closeness to the people who listen to my music, but certainly being on the networks right now is very important to keep in touch and make sure you're always there in people's heads.

Between the stage and everyday life, there's a whole world of outfits - especially for a young mother like you. How do you define your everyday style? What are your essentials?

Unfortunately, I haven't worn jeans since last March, so I would say my style is pretty casual right now. I miss the stage outfits, I always liked to have a "uniform" on stage, just like in real life.

Your daughter Romy is 8 years old. How do you choose to dress her? Does she choose her own clothes?

Her style is "bright multicolored", as she likes to say. It's a bit of a mix of Ariana Grande and Dolly Parton styles. I like it a lot.

We saw her in the music video for "T'es belle". For you, who started your career at a young age, if your daughter were to show an interest in a media career like yours, how do you think you would frame it?

I wanted to give her a chance to build her self-confidence! I would be all for it, but not until she was 16 (laughs).

What can we expect from Coeur de Pirate in the near future?

Ideally a vaccine to be able to resume concerts, a new record and lots of dog pictures.