Spring-Summer 2021 with Vallier

Spring-Summer 2021 with Vallier

Designed in Montreal, Vallier fuses the innovations of outdoor technical clothing with everyday urban essentials. Our new Spring-Summer 2021 collection offers fifteen technical pieces for warm weather, a mix of core-collection items alongside new staples. The Vallier designers made a conscious effort to keep the collection tightly-curated in order to make it as precise and streamlined as possible. This smaller collection pushes us to perfect designs, source premium materials, and create durable items. These allow the Vallier client to build a long-lasting wardrobe and decrease their environmental footprint. 

The designers brought new life to tried-and-tested pieces by incorporating limited-edition colourways, reflective of Cuba, the Caribbean, and warm summers everywhere. For women, a combination of dark rose, off-white, light blue and khaki creates a soft pastel aesthetic reminiscent of Havana summers. Mixing black, white, cream and khaki brings forward a contemporary warm weather look, while a combination of navy, grey, white, and light blue is evocative of the clean lines of Japanese minimalism. 

For men, a khaki, cream, white and red palette transports us directly to a sun-soaked southern island. Pairing black, white, Vallier green, and grey brings the sporty, contemporary urban feeling so appealing to streetwear lovers.

Eco-friendly fabrics are at the core of the new Spring-Summer 2021 collection. Organic cotton, renewable Tencel (a material made from trees) and Cordura (so durable it was originally created for the military) are found in a majority of the items on offer. Technical details like moisture wicking, anti-wrinkle properties, pre-shrunk materials, thermosealed pockets, and ventilation slits make sure your clothing works for you on all occasions. 

Although the collection is divided into men and women’s lines, most pieces are unisex and can be worn by both genders. 

The men’s button-down Prado has a clean, relaxed look and feel that suits any occasion all summer round. Deceptively smooth, the Cuban collar and breathability are an affirmation to the burgeoning leisure trend. Reflecting the shirt’s easy-wearing is the Bodden short, an organic cotton blend named for a Cayman Islands town. Stretch waistband, a stretch drawcord and pockets fused so they don’t slide around speak to an attention to detail.

For women, the Vedado blouse features thermoregulating linen, with a Cuban collar and a cut that allows you to sway in the heat, night or day. The Beaurivage shirt-dress is an A-line casual top with all the makings of a summer staple, sporting a short back slit and a crew neck collar. Combined with the long cut and summer colours, the Beaurivage lives as you like it. And the Japan-inspired Ginza dress returns, now available in an off-white that speaks to cool composure in warm weather. 

Our apparel is highly functional—each element exists with purpose, resulting in aesthetics without unnecessary components. By sourcing only premium materials, we ensure the pieces of our collection become lifetime staples of your wardrobe. And our new collection won’t disappoint, on your travels at home and abroad, this summer and for many to come.