Looking Closer: Samuel Piette

Looking Closer: Samuel Piette

At Vallier, we like to go in depth. Whether it's the close attention we pay to our clothing, or our relationships with the artists and athletes we work with, taking a closer look is our modus operandi.

It's been almost a year since normal life was put on hold. Some people have used this time to work on personal projects, learn new skills, rediscover themselves or get back into shape. To mark the imminent return of better days and the arrival of our new collection, we took a moment of reflection to review the past year. Vallier is interested in how this downtime has changed Samuel Piette's perspective.

At only 26 years of age, Samuel Piette already has a very impressive resume. After playing professional soccer abroad and for the Canadian National Team, the man who played defensive midfield for the Montreal Impact in 2019 welcomed us to his Scandinavian-inspired chalet in Mont-Tremblant.

Looking closer at society… 

“I’m obviously paying close attention to COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic is having on our society. I believe that, collectively, the pandemic is making us realise the importance of essential front-line workers. We need to adjust and rethink the way we treat these people. During this forced downtime, I try to focus on making the most of the time I have with my loved ones. For those out of reach, the distance drives home the importance of treasuring every moment with them.”

Looking closer at his personal life… 

“Last August, I became a father for the first time. My son keeps my days very busy, as you’d expect. It’s a new role that’s filled with pride and enthusiasm, but it comes with a learning curve–about the role and about yourself!”

Looking closer at his style… 

“I'm very interested in anything designed here in Quebec. I really like clothes that represent elements of my city and my province. Along with my sports career, I also own a few rental cottages. This has given me the chance to discover some of the latest architectural trends, which are fascinating!”