Jerry Pigeon x Foreign Diplomats

Jerry Pigeon is one of Montreal’s most notable and inspiring photographers—he’s also a good friend of Vallier and the indie band Foreign Diplomats. As we prepared to roll-out our inaugural Fall-Winter 2019 Collection, involving Jerry and the Foreign Diplomats allowed us to see how Vallier apparel performed in real-life.

The timing happened to be too perfect—the Foreign Diplomats were heading on a European Tour with Jerry just before the Vallier collection arrived. Before launching to the public, we gave them first dibs on clothing from our collection as they toured through Hamburg, Berlin, Osnabrück, and Dorsten.

The outcome is a series of behind-the-scenes moments from a road trip through Germany and France, capturing the essence of performance and touring musicians living their dream. The Vallier collection turned out to be a natural fit with the Foreign Diplomats and Jerry's authentic aesthetic.

See more of Jerry Pigeon and the Foreign Diplomats on their IGs:

Jerry Pigeon
Foreign Diplomats

Enjoy some groovy beats the Foreign Diplomats played while wearing Vallier.